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Super Bowl 2014: Seven roles the Bucs must fill to get there

The Buccaneers want to get to the Super Bowl, and they're running out of patience. How can we tell? Because they were the biggest spenders in free agency last year, and are looking to spend heavily again this season. But to get to the Super Bowl, you need to fill seven roles. Apparently. Or at least, that's what Hyundai tells us, and who are we to question them?

So which players will fit which roles on the team? Here we go!

Enforcer - Mark Barron

He bodyslammed Robert Griffin III, legally -- and still got penalized. He's the hard-hitting safety, the prototype enforcer. Why would anyone else fit this description? It has to be the Red Barron.

Brain - Josh Freeman

The quarterback is always the brain of the team. Always. If the Bucs are to get to the Super Bowl, they will do so with Josh Freeman functioning as the brain -- which may be an issue given some questionable decisions at times. Still, he's the man at this position.

Technician - Carl Nicks

Carl Nicks is huge and dominant, but he's also an absolutely outstanding technician. If you want to see how a guard should play football, watch Carl Nicks play. It's absolutely amazing, and it's great to watch.

Loose cannon - Eric Wright

Every team has one of these, right? For the Bucs, it has to be Eric Wright. He's the team's best cornerback, but a PED suspension last year may have put him out of the graces of Greg Schiano. The new Buccaneer order doesn't do well with loose cannons, which is why the Bucs may be without Wright in the future.

Motivator - Mason Foster

The middle linebacker is the classic motivator, and Foster fits the mold. He's always hyped up, always jumping around and screaming after any big play. He's the guy who rallies the defense when they get down.

Prankster - Mike Williams

I don't know why, but Mike Williams has always struck me as the prankster. This team seems fairly strait-laced, but Williams always struck me as a guy who can have a little fun.

Muscle - Doug Martin

His nickname is Muscle Hamster. And no, that nickname is never going away.