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NFL Free Agency 2013 Rumors: Buccaneers will be active


Yes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will spend heavily in free agency this year. If it wasn't clear enough from the fact that they restructured Vincent Jackson's and Carl Nicks's contracts to free up a lot of cap space at the expense of 2012 and future cap space, or if it wasn't clear enough from the fact that the Bucs have a massive hole at cornerback, or if it wasn't clear enough from the fact that they've started contract talks with Mike Williams, it should be clear enough now that a quote by general manager Mark Dominik is blowing up all over the internet.

Dominik told the Tampa Tribune "We've got a chance to be (heavily) involved in free agency again." He then went on to talk about retaining his own nucleus of players, so it's not exactly clear where he thinks to spend that money. But it's clear he will -- so I don't really get why Pro Football Talk's turning that into BUCS WILL SPEND $$$$$$ is suddenly blowing up everywhere. But hey, it is, so I kind of have to write about it. But if you've been reading us for a while now, none of this was news to you. The Bucs will spend in free agency -- not as much as they did last year, but they'll spend. The question is just: how will they spend?

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