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NFL Picks Week 14 - DLT's Deadlocks

DLT rebounded with a decent week at 11-5, can he improve on those numbers?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As we all emerge from our Turkey comas, it's time to get down to brass tax in the NFL. The playoffs are on the line for teams not named Falcons, Buccaneers, Texans or Jaguars.

Every game is crucial. Any loss could severely damage a team's chances.

Which teams want to play the spoiler role and which ones are mailing it in for 2013? Who will be that team that in November looked in good shape but at the end of December are on the outside looking in?

Which team will come from nowhere to sneak into the playoffs?

It's the most wonderful time of the year for football fans.

Let's get going!

Last Week: 11-5  68% Upset Specials: 0-2 0%

Season: 124-67 65% Upset Specials: 14-11 56%

Thursday Night

Jaguars 2, Texans 0 - Break up the Jags! Jacksonville has a pretty favorable schedule down the stretch to serious jeopardize any shot they have of getting a decent QB. I hear Tim Tebow is still available.


Bengals 23, Colts 13 - I don't like the way Indy has been playing the last few weeks. Luckily for them, they play in the worst division in football.

Upset Special #1: Falcons 20, Packers 10 - I have absolutely no faith in the Packers beating anyone without Aaron Rodgers...and even if he is a late active, if he had to wait to Saturday to be cleared how effective could he be- even against the FAILcons?

Patriots 30, Browns 13 - Bill Belicheat and Tom Brady simply amaze me. Every year it looks like the Patriots have garbage for a team and every year somehow their team has double digit victories and division championships.

Upset Special #2: Raiders 17, Jets 3 - I picked the Jets originally but then I remembered that Geno will probably last a half before tossing 15 interceptions and getting benched for the immortal Matt Simms. Oh for the salad days of Mark Sanchez...

Lions 40, Eagles 30 - Intriguing game that could really go either way. I'll go with the animal philosophy. Lion eats Eagle.

Steelers 23, Dolphins 13 - Mike Tomlin won't need to dodge anyone from Miami.

Buccaneers 20, Bills 13 - This will be an interesting game in that the Bucs showed a little quit last week against Carolina. Was it a one game thing or will players begin making "business decisions"?

Chiefs 30, Redskins 13 - The battle of the native americans will go to the team with the less racist name.

Ravens 23, Vikings 13 - The Super Bowl Champs still have a decent shot at making the playoffs in the disappointing AFC. The Vikings in the NFC? Not so much...

Broncos 33, Titans 13 - Don't be surprised if the Flaming Thumbtacks hang around for awhile with Denver....but not that long.

Cardinals 27, Rams 16 - Its hard to think of Arizona as a legitimate playoff contender...but they really are!

Chargers 30, Giants 16 - It was 10 years ago Eli spurned San Diego. Wonder if the Charger fans remember?

Seahawks 30, 49ers 23 - This is San Fran's last real shot to get back into the division race. I say the Seahags slam that door in their face.

Sunday Night

Saints 20, Panthers 13 - I apparently made Pantie fans a little upset with my rant on Cam this week. Wait til they see who I'm picking. :-)

Monday Night

Bears 20, Cowboys 17 - Its December, time for a Romo collapse.