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Buccaneers considering Gary Kubiak as head coach

The Buccaneers have another option at head coach in Gary Kubiak.

Frederick Breedon

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are considering Gary Kubiak as their next head coach, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. This comes on the heels of reports suggesting the Bucs would be interested in Lovie Smith as well.

In general I'd prefer an offensive head coach to a defensive one, as they tend to be slightly more aggressive. That's not the case for Gary Kubiak, though. He would be a good fit for the team's current personnel and Mike Glennon, who seems best suited to a timing offense dominated by short passes. Kubiak's background as a West Coast Offense guru and reputation as a good manager of quarterbacks should help Glennon (or any other quarterback) perform.

On the other hand, his track record isn't stellar, either. The Houston Texans were perennially mediocre during his tenure, and the Texans suffered a complete collapse this past year. He has a career 61-64 record and 2-2 record in the playoffs - not exactly the sign of a dominant coach.

Still, with Lovie Smith and Gary Kubiak rumored as strong candidates to be the next head coach of the Buccaneers it seems the Glazers are once again going in a different direction. This time they're looking for experience, after dabbling in college coaches and NFL assistants the previous two times.