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10 Things We Think Will Happen

The season is over and unthinkable 4-12 record is what stands for 2013. What's next?

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It's over! Thank the heavens this season from hell is over. It's been a whopper hasn't it Buc fans? Between the 0-8 start, the Freeman fiasco, MRSA and the mounting losses it's been one of the worst seasons in Buccaneer history.

It ended in predictable fashion, a blowout loss to the playoff bound New Orleans Saints. It's frightening for Bucs fans to see how outcoached the Bucs were on Sunday.

It's really night and day, isn't it? Sean Payton is a Super Bowl winning coach leading his team back to the post-season. Greg Schiano? You have to wonder why Penn State would want him - none the less the Glazers.

Buc fans eagerly cling to their radios and twitter accounts in hopes of hearing some good news on Black Monday.

So what will the Glazers do to fix this mess?

Here are the 10 Things we think will happen:

1. Barring Penn State saving the Bucs from themselves, Greg Schiano will return in 2014. I don't like it - you don't like it. Nobody but Greg Schiano, Mark Dominik and the coaching staff likes it.

For some reason, the Glazers are bamboozled by Schiano. They think he's the guy to turn it around and believe him when he says this isn't a two year fix. Schiano can say that Freeman was never his guy - he wanted Carson Palmer - but Freeman was forced upon him despite the known personal issues.

MRSA was out of his control - just bad luck. As were the league high amount of injuries. The team still is one good off-season away from having all the tools they need to compete. The players didn't quit on him and stuck behind him.

None of that accounts for the awful coaching, inability to adapt your play calling to your talent and the second half malaise.

Apparently, they think the Bucs are on the cusp while Schiano and Dominik will team up for one more season. Schiano was asked by reporters after the game to explain why he's still the man for the job? His response was typical Schiano, "I don't think I need to say anything. That's not being smug in any way. I come and do my job the best I can, and that's other people's decisions to make. That's how I've always approached it. That's not going to change."

Few things do with Schiano.

2. Someone's scalp must be served up to the fan base. I think Mike Sullivan is a goner and Bill Sheridan may not be on steady ground, either. Sullivan didn't suddenly get stupid after his offense finished 9th in the league last year but the Bucs haven't finished dead last in the league in offense since 1983.

Rod Chudzinski, recently fired by the Browns after one season as head coach, could be a good option. John McNulty would be the favorite to take over there.

Sheridan has struggled with play calling and using his personnel properly. He has a track record of failure as a defensive coordinator.

3. Mike Glennon has shown enough to be in the conversation for starting quarterback for 2014. He won't be the only option. With Schiano facing a win now situation, he can't put all his eggs in Glennon's basket. I'd expect the Buccaneers to pursue a veteran quarterback. They'll also consider drafting a guy in the first round.

4. I think Mark Dominik will begin a rebuild of the Buccaneers offensive line - beginning with the interior of the line. Both Nicks and Joseph will be sent packing and the Bucs will be searching for a replacement for Donald Penn.

5. Dom will also focus on upgrading the Bucs defensive line - look for Tampa Bay to go hard after Carolina's Greg Hardy or Minnesota's Jared Allen if they get to free agency.

6. The Bucs need a slot receiver with speed. That could be where the Bucs spend their high draft pick if they decide not to go for a quarterback. Sammy Watkins could be a name to consider.

7. If the Saints allow Jimmy Graham to hit free agency, the Bucs may put a full court press to sign the unstoppable tight end. While Timmy Wright did a solid job, he's not a true tight end. Graham brings everything you could want as a TE in the NFL and is deadly as a weapon.

If Glennon is the starter, he'll be the perfect safety blanket that has served Drew Brees for the last several years.

8. It wouldn't surprise me if the Buccaneers decide re-work Darrelle Revis' contract. Essentially the deal is several one year contracts for $16 million dollars a year. The Bucs can't devote that much of their cap to a cornerback - even someone the caliber of Revis. The question is can Revis ever be the Revis that deserves a $16 million dollar payday? I'm not suggesting Tampa Bay will part ways with Revis - that's crazy. You spent a first round and third round pick on Revis, you at least need to give him a second season to get two years away from the knee injury.

9. It will be good to see Doug Martin and Mike Williams return as weapons for the Buccaneers' offense 2014. Tampa Bay will need to change their philosophy on offense and spread out opposing defenses. Tampa Bay needs to modernize their offense. The offense can still be run based, but if your not going to have decent tight ends on your roster and your offensive line must be rebuilt - then you need spread the defense out to open up some running lanes.

10. If the Glazers do have a change of heart and make a change - Both Dominik and Schiano should be gone. Tampa Bay will clean house and start over with a brand new regime. I think Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith would be an easy plug in for the boys. It wouldn't solve the offensive issues but Lovie is a smart guy and knows how to win in the NFL. After watching the league for a year he knows he needs a strong coordinator to help their cause. How would a Lovie Smith/Rob Chudzinksi combo suit you?