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Fire Greg Schiano

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports


Eight double-digit losses.

32nd-ranked offense by total yardage.

One of the most talented defenses in the NFL, blown out repeatedly.

Off-field scandal after off-field scandal.

And an embarrassing performance to close out the season.

You can't sell me that Greg Schiano should stay, Glazers. You shouldn't try to sell it to yourselves, either. You fired Tony Dungy after a playoff season, and Jon Gruden after a 9-7 season one game short of a playoff berth. You fired Raheem Morris after a 4-12 season when he went 10-6 the year before. Now two losing seasons and awful play is good enough to be Tampa Bay's head coach?

No. I will not believe that. There's no real reason to believe things will be any better going forward. You won't be the Raiders if you say goodbye to him. You'll be the Raiders if you refuse to make a better hire as your next head coach. Go out and get the best damn coach you can find. But before you do that, make sure you fire Greg Schiano, because he's earned it.