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NFL head coach rumors: Texans hiring Bill O'Brien, per report

The first head coaching candidate may be off the board already, as the Houston Texans and Bill O'Brien are reported to be working on a cotnract.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans are likely to hire Bill O'Brien as their next head coach. ESPN reports the two sides are working on a deal that will make the current Penn State head coach the Texans' head coach within a week. The Texans fired long-time head coach Gary Kubiak earlier this season and are currently on track to finish the season with the worst record in the NFL. O'Brien would be the first head coaching hire for the 2014 season.

If O'Brien does sign with the Texans, he can obviously be crossed off the list of possible replacements for Greg Schiano in Tampa -- assuming the Buccaneers fire their head coach. Schiano was linked to the Penn State job earlier this week, but is unlikely to take it unless fired -- and Penn State may not be interested in Schiano, either.

Schiano's job security is likely connected to the result in tomorrow's matchup with the New Orleans Saints, although the coaching staff is expected to see change regardless of Schiano's status.