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Report: Darrelle Revis heading to the Pro Bowl

A year after tearing his ACL, Darrelle Revis is heading back to Hawaii in his first season with Tampa Bay.

Al Messerschmidt

Darrelle Revis' business manager John Geiger - who, you may remember, was the one to first release the news that his client had been traded to the Bucs back in April - tweeted earlier today that in his first season as a Buccaneer, Revis has been selected to the Pro Bowl:

Of course, the Pro Bowl selections aren't officially revealed until 9pm ET tonight (or about an hour and a half away), but each year a few players' names get leaked early by managers, agents, media members or sometimes even by their teams, so you take this news as being reliable-enough.

(Interesting point to make - with the new 'draft' format to the Pro Bowl, are the starters for the Pro Bowl going to be dictated by the number of votes they got, or the order they get 'drafted' by either Jerry Rice or Deion Sanders? In either case, we won't find out until 9pm whether or not Revis will be flying to Hawaii as a starter or a back up.)

As Geiger tweets, this would be Revis' fifth Pro Bowl berth, an astonishing feat considering that 2013 is just his seventh year in the league. While Revis may not be playing quite at the level that he was prior to his 2012 ACL tear, he's still been a mile ahead of the other corners on the roster, and is still a top-5 corner in the league so is fully deserving to be going to the Pro Bowl. The best news for Bucs fans is that he's only going to get better next year, with a second offseason to rehab and restrengthen that knee.

In his first season with Tampa Bay, Revis put up 47 tackles, 10 pass break ups, two interceptions, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and even a sack. The cost of his contract might have been steep, but the fact that even in a relatively damaged state he's been recognised enough by fans, coaches and fellow players to make the Pro Bowl makes a strong case that he's earned that contract.

Make sure to keep it here at Bucs Nation throughout the night for plenty of news and analysis as the rest of the Pro Bowl selections are revealed.