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Changes coming to Buccaneers coaching staff, even if Greg Schiano returns

If Greg Schiano is retained through some miracle, the coaching staff will probably change. Of course, that doesn't mean we'll notice a difference on the field.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won't return the same coaching staff next season, no matter what happens. According to Pewter Report, "some changes" will be made to the coaching staff even if Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik return. Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan and defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan have both come under heavy fire for their schematic decisions and the performance of their respective units.

Expecting real change in cases like that would be folly, however. Greg Schiano influences everything the Bucs do, and while the offense may not run his exact scheme, it is certainly based on his conservative offensive philosophy. On defense it's no different, where the Bucs essentially run Schiano's blitz-dominated Rutgers defense.

To make matters worse, the likely replacements for Sheridan and Sullivan are already on the staff in the form of current quarterbacks coach John McNulty, and current assistant defensive coordinator Bob Fraser. Both coached under Greg Schiano at Rutgers. Schiano reportedly wanted to hire McNulty in his first season in charge, but the Arizona Cardinals refused to allow him to interview. Fraser has been with the Bucs for Schiano's entire tenure.

Unless the Bucs go in another direction, you can expect the same schemes to return and the same mistakes to be repeated next season, even if they fire both coordinators. As long as Schiano returns, the philosophy won't change, and promoting new coordinators from within isn't going to bring any real change. Same process, different people, same results.