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NFL Week 17 Picks - DLT's Deadlocks

Sadly another NFL season has come and gone.

Rich Schultz

Welp, here it is folks - yet another NFL season has past us by. It goes by so quickly doesn't? A symphony of clashing pads (just don't go high), thrilling plays and impossible comebacks. This season may end with a 9-7 team in the playoffs and an 11-5 team out in the NFC.

Unlike my beloved Buccaneers, I'm finishing the season strong. Last week I had a season's best 14-2 record with only Detroit and Kansas City letting me down. I was 2-0 once more in my upset specials as well and it's been a surprisingly good year in that department.

So for one last time in 2013 - let's see what the deadlocks have for us.

Last Week: 14-2 88%  Upset Specials: 2-0 100%

Season: 157-82 66%  Upset Specials: 18-13 58%


Upset Special: Falcons 20, Panthers 10 - Surprise, I know - but I have a feeling the kitties are feeling pretty good about themselves right now. The Falcons may not be the team we thought but they can still beat someone on their home turf - especially if its a rival that knocks them out of a division championship.

Bengals 26, Ravens 16 - I think Cincinnati would like nothing better than to put Ravens hopes for a playoff spot on ice.

Titans 20, Texans 13 - Could this be the last go for Mike Munchak? At least I know his name now (and yes, I know he's a hall-of-famer and what not - he's an offensive lineman - who knows their names unless they have MRSA?)

Colts 20, Jaguars 10 - I honestly can't believe Gus Bradley got 4 wins out of that Jags team.

Dolphins 20, Jets 10 - The end of Rex? He won 7 games...with THAT team. He's a dang toe-fetished magician.

Vikings 20, Lions 10 - The collapse of the Cowardly Ones is complete. It all began with a loss to Tampa Bay. REVENGE!

Giants 27, Redskins 10 - Forget Coughlin and Shanahan - should Eli Manning and RG III return next season?

Steelers 20, Browns 10 - One heck of a turn around for Mike Tomlin's team. They tripped into a couple wins and boom - they're going to be .500.

Packers 30, Bears 20 - Of course Discount Doublecheck is back to beat the Bears. Did you expect anything else? Nice job Lovie's replacement Marc Trestman. You ended up in the same spot with less victories.

Broncos 20, Raiders 10 - This game will be competitive because I don't expect Peyton Manning to be playing in it too long - if at all.

Patriots 30, Bills 17 - Bill Belicheat simply amazes me. How he got that football team to 12-4 mystifies me.

Saints 40, Buccaneers 10 - Can the Bucs pull off the upset? Sorry Arizona. No. I honestly can't believe Greg Schiano couldn't manage MORE than 4 wins with this football team.

Cardinals 27, 49ers 20 - The bright side is the Cardinals won 11 games. The dark side is it wasn't enough.

Chargers 27, Chiefs 6 - Looks like the Chiefs are going to rest their starters this week.

Seahawks 30, Rams 13 - Seahags re-establish their home dominance.

Sunday Night

Eagles 45, Cowboys 10 - Jerry should just name himself coach and be done with it.

Happy New Year everyone, see you in 2014!