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Should the Buccaneers fire general manager Mark Dominik?


We've talked about Greg Schiano's impending firing a lot this year. Mostly because, you know, he's really going to get fired unless he manages to win next Sunday's game. And even then, his time as Tampa Bay head coach may be over.

A much more difficult question is whether Mark Dominik deserves to be fired. He's been a solid general manager overall, but there are plenty of question marks, too. His drafts have been uneven, but then the past two drafts look like fairly big successes. His free agency forays have not been overly successful, but some of that was due to unforeseeable injuries. The talent on this team is certainly good, but then the Bucs have had just one winning season under Dominik. He's had two chances to draft a quarterback and two different head coaches, and still hasn't succeeded. How many people get a third chance in the NFL? How many deserve to?

Let's hear what you think. Should the Bucs fire Mark Dominik?