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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Anthony Barr to the Buccaneers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another mock draft. This week, Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft is mocking Anthony Barr to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It fits the Bucs perfectly: they have a big need at edge rusher, and Anthony Barr should be able to fill that more than competently. While Barr is a little undersized, a quality defensive coordinator shouldn't have too many problems finding an every-down role for him on defense.

Because they're getting virtually no production from Daniel Te'o-Nesheim or Da'Quan Bowers, the Buccaneers are another team that needs a player like Clowney. With him gone, settling on Barr is a decent fallback. He's not going to play end, but can be used as a situational pass rusher, at least initially. A quarterback and even a tight end will also be heavily considered by Tampa Bay.

At some point we're going to have to talk about Johnny Manziel, though. Or, as I like to call him now, Michael Vick II. He's consistently falling to the Bucs in mock drafts, and he's also consistently being passed over. That's sensible, one one hand: Manziel has a lot of issues and probably won't be able to be a consistent NFL quarterback. At the same time, he's also an explosive playmaker who undoubtedly will have some measure of success in the NFL.

Is that a risk you want to take with your first-round draft pick? Is that someone you want to tie your future as a franchise to? I'm not sure about that. Anthony Barr is without a doubt the safer selection, but that doesn't mean he'd be the better selection.