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Which St. Louis Ram would you add to the Buccaneers?

Another week, another installment of this feature: which opponent would you add to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? This time, the St. Louis Rams are on tap.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Cook

Cook's a receiver only, really, and a shamefully pathetic blocker in the run and pass game -- but he's a very, very good receiving tight end. His experience would help Tim Wright and the passing game as a whole, although he wouldn't do much to get the team's struggling run game off the ground.

Robert Quinn

Quinn is arguably the best pass-rushing defensive end in the NFL right now. He's absolutely dominant, and could be a major factor in the Bucs' fortunes this week as he'll match up with Donald Penn, who struggled against the San Francisco 49ers last week. The Bucs, of course, are missing a capable edge rusher, let alone a dominant one. Any NFL team could use Robert Quinn, and the Bucs more so than most.

Tavon Austin

The Rams don't have a lot to be envious of at the skill positions, but Tavon Austin is an intriguing weapon. Slow to get going in his rookie season, Austin has shown his explosive traits at several points this season, especially in more recent games -- but overall, the Rams have failed to get the most out of him. The Bucs probably wouldn't do much better with the current coaching staff, but they could certainly try.

So, which Ram would you add to the Bucs?