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Peter King: Schiano could stay, even if he finishes 4-12

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be stuck with their head coach, even if the Bucs end up going 4-12.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Peter King has been a staunch supporter of Greg Schiano throughout the head coach's career, which probably explains why he thinks the head coach will be back next year. JoeBucsFan transcribed a part of a Peter King radio appearance on Sirius XM, in which King announced that he doesn't see Greg Schiano getting fired. In fact, he noted that Schiano "could be in trouble" if he loses the final two games, leaving the door open for a return of the team's overly controlling head coach if he loses out.

That, to me, is disgusting. When did the Glazers turn into owners who were satisfied with losing seasons? They fired both Jon Gruden and Tony Dungy after winning seasons, and god knows both coaches had accomplished a lot more than Schiano -- and I'd argue both had less offensive talent than Schiano does now, and Gruden certainly had less defensive talent as well.

Of course, there are other reports out there, too. Max Luckan of CBS Tampa talked to eight people in the organizations, and encountered a 50/50 split on whether or not Schiano would return. That's with a 4-10 record that cold potentially end up as a much more defensible 6-10 result, however.

If the Bucs lose the next two games, and I would bet money on that proposition given the matchups, Greg Schiano should be fired. I have argued he should be fired regardless, of course, so my opinion may not matter a great deal. But there's no way you can sell me on the idea of a returning head coach who just had two losing seasons despite a massive influx of talent.

That doesn't cut it. It's not good enough. And there's little reason to think that results will be any different next year if Schiano does return. The same process will generally lead to the same results, after all.