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Todd McShay's mock draft has Buccaneers picking Anthony Barr

The draft is one of the biggest intrigues remaining for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the next six months. Who will they pick in May?

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Edge rusher? Quarterback? Offensive tackle? Wide receiver? Tight end? Plenty of options for the Bucs, although none of them can really be described as dominant needs except for edge rusher. Which is why it makes sense that Todd McShay's latest mock draft has the Bucs picking UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr.

We don't know if the Bucs will undergo a coaching change this offseason, but assuming that Greg Schiano is still there, I think that rookie QB Mike Glennon will at least be given the opportunity to win next season's starting job. And in this scenario, there isn't really a QB prospect worthy of the pick here.

That will leave the Bucs with the tough decision of going for an offensive tackle in Michigan's Taylor Lewan or an edge rusher in Barr whom we grade out several spots higher. I think they'd go with the better player in Barr, even though he's not an ideal fit in the 4-3 defense Tampa currently runs. He's an eat-breathe-sleep football guy who is just starting to come into his own as a player, and it won't take him long to bulk up to 260 pounds if that's what the Bucs need from him. Even if he isn't able to play as many snaps as a rookie as you'd want from your starting defensive end, he'd still have an immediate impact as a pass-rusher.

This pick makes perfect sense: the Buccaneers don't have a quality edge rusher, as Da'Quan Bowers has been disappointing this season and Adrian Clayborn is struggling to find his rhythm after offseason knee surgery. Barr would be an immediate upgrade as a pass rusher, and the Bucs could either ask him to bulk up and play defensive end on running downs, or they could ask him to play strongside linebacker in base defenses.

An interesting point about this mock draft: four quarterbacks were picked before the Bucs got a chance to make their selection, and that's with the St. Louis Rams selecting an offensive tackle at the second overall pick. Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel and Derek Carr all go ahead of the Bucs' seventh overall pick. If that's how things play out, the Bucs won't have a real decision to make with regards to their stating quarterback: it will be Mike Glennon.

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