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NFL Week 16 Picks: DLT's Deadlocks!

Mailing it in Edition

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

While 8-8 might be a banner season for teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 8-8 in a picks segment is downright awful.

But who cares? The season is winding down, players are starting to make "business decisions" and the mood turns toward the holidays.

I am officially mailing in this edition of the picks (Be quiet those of you who say I've been doing it all season! I'm leading the BucsNation group...which is kinda like being the tallest Hobbit, but I digress).

Last Week: 8-8 50%    Upset Specials: 2-0 100%

Season: 143-80  64%   Upset Specials: 16-13 55%


Upset Special #1: Bills 23, Dolphins 13 - The Dolphins are coming off their biggest victory of the season. Of course they're going to lose in Buffalo. It's going to be cold, rainy and miserable. No team from Florida can win in that.

Bengals 20, Vikings 13 - Minnesota pulled off an upset last week but I don't see it happening in Cincinnati, where the Bengals are looking to wrap up the AFC North.

Chiefs 30, Colts 24 - Which of these AFC contenders are the pretender?

Rams 20, Buccaneers 10 - Greg Schiano may need this win for his coaching future. Derp. Not with that offense.

Jets 23, Browns 20 - Man it must be frustrating being Browns fans. Your team is so close to winning but doesn't. Come to think of it - it's like being a Bucs fan. Dadgumit.

Cowboys 27, Redskins 20 - I'm breaking my own Tony Romo-in-After-Thanksgiving rule for this one.

Panthers 27, Saints 20 - Greg Schiano needs the Saints to win this one to wrap up the NFC South and have nothing to play for next week. Derp.

Titans 20, Jaguars 2 - For old time's sake.

Broncos 30, Texans 6 - I got really excited when I saw Yahoo listed the Broncos as the underdog in this game. Yeah, they're favored by 10.5 - Yahoo is mailing it in, too.

Lions 27, Giants 6 - The Lions in a must win game. Am I crazy?

Upset Special #2: Cardinals 27, Seahawks 20 - Yes, I am crazy.

Steelers 23, Packers 13 - I think the ride ends for Green Bay without Discount Doublecheck.

Chargers 30, Raiders 20 - Chargers are finishing the season strong. The Raiders? Eh, not so much.

Patriots 23, Ravens 12 - Ravens can't ride kicker Justin Tucker to victory against the Pats.

Sunday Night

Eagles 30, Bears 23 - Now here's an interesting matchup. The Eagles are coming off being upset while the Bears narrowly escaped an upset of their own. Still, Shady McCoy versus that Bears run defense?

Monday Night

49ers 40, Falcons 13 - This is the last Monday Night game of 2013? Poor Gruden.