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MIke Glennon is a stronger-armed Andy Dalton

Mike Glennon had an up-and-down against the San Francisco 49ers, which makes it a little more clear where we stand with him/.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon's performance against the San Francisco 49ers seemed a little schizophrenic. Two great drives in hurry-up mode where the Bucs spread out their receivers, and another nine drives where the Bucs produced a ludicrously low 23 net yards. Buc ball! Greg Schiano's response to having success in a hurry-up offense? Let's not run it anymore!

"I personally don't [want to]," Schiano said in his Sunday press conference. "That's not who we are and we don't practice that way and I don't want - just because it works doesn't mean that I want to go play a whole game in no-huddle if that's not what we practice. Otherwise, why practice? Just show up on Sunday. It is a good tool, we practice it some, if you use it proportionately to how you practice it, I think it's a good tool."

That's a bit of an issue, because the Bucs' offense really doesn't play to Glennon's strengths. He's at his best in a timing offense with a short passing game. In fact, he kind of reminds me of a strong-armed Andy Dalton. Some of the plays on Sunday hinted at more potential, though.

This is a terrific throw and a great example of throwing your receiver open with anticipation. It's the kind of throw that Mike Glennon can make, but that he doesn't pull the trigger on nearly enough, which leads to a lot of failed third-and-long situations. Even on the two touchdown throws he showed signs of hesitancy, with his big completions almost all coming after he scrambled out of the pocket.

As we've said before: none of this means that Glennon can't be a good quarterback in the future. He certainly has some of the tools, and could be managed to at least be a competent game manager. Sadly, he's not showing those all-important traits consistently enough to give him the definite thumbs up for another season.