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Mike Glennon vs Game Film: Help, I need somebody.

Meep!  Where's my left tackle?!
Meep! Where's my left tackle?!
Al Messerschmidt

Since Gur cannot do the game film for the past two weeks and since the game was on the west coast because San Francisco is a west coast team, I figure I would give the game film a shot. I had some trepidation because 34 pass attempts is a lot of work. Then I come to find out there were more than that in passing situations. Doing this is arduous work as I had to watch the same play about six to seven times. Not only that, but we lost big time as well. So doing this tedious work seemed depressing.

I will post the summation after presenting the breakdown. If you don’t have your cup of joe or snacks around you, then I advise you go and get some because this might be long. And if you have MS Word, then this chart will span six pages long. You have been forewarned. I separated the drives by shading.

Passing Breakdown vs SF


Down and Distance



Pass Eff


2nd & 7

INC pass to TE Tim Wright (6 yards)

The ball was knocked down. Ball could have been delivered faster or sooner, but it looked dictated to where the defender jumped in front of the pass.

0 for 1


3rd & 7

INC pass to RB Leonard (7 yards)

Leonard dropped the pass after taking a hit. NOTE: Underwood was running a parallel route and probably would have been a choice to elude a hard hit that Leonard endured.

0 for 2


2nd & 12

Completed pass to TE Wright (8 yards)

1 for 3


3rd & 4

INC - thrown away

Glennon was flushed out of the pocket as all the underneath routes were covered. He rolled to his left, but the route was a deep hook - thus thrown away.

1 for 4


1st & 10

Completed pass to RB Rainey.

This was a checkdown parallel to Glennon in the backfield and Rainey gained 3 yards.

2 for 5


2nd & 7

INC pass to WR Dawson (deep)

Deep pass that was overthrown. Dawson might have had a chance if placed correctly. MIGHT.

2 for 6


3rd & 7

Completed pass to TE Wright (5 yards)

Pocket collapsed pretty fast.

3 for 7


1st & 10

INC to WR Underwood (6 yards)

The ball was short, but it looked like a timed play and Underwood was supposed to run a shorter hook. Two other receivers ran short routes as well. Still, I have no idea what Glennon was thinking.

3 for 8


3rd & 3

Sacked ( - 12 yards)

SMH. Glennon had two options: Vjax on a slant and Leonard as a check down on the opposite side. There was good enough protection for short yardage.


1st & 10

INC to WR Vjax (8 yds)

This should have been a completed pass as the ball blew up in Vjax's chest.

3 for 9


3rd & 11

Completed pass to WR Owusu (7 yards)

Good pass as Glennon's leg was nearly wrapped up as he threw. Still, no first down.

4 for 10


1st & 10

Completed pass to WR Underwood (9 yards)

Quick strike to Underwood.

5 for 11


2nd & 1

Completed pass to WR Owusu (6 yards)

Good pass to a comeback route for Owusu. (Passing game looks good here as there are so many options.)

6 for 12


1st & 10

Completed pass to TE Wright (26 yards)

Glennon rolls out of the pocket as the right side was closing in. Buys time to find Wright.

7 for 13


1st & 10

INC - thrown away

Great pass protection, but no one open.

7 for 14


2nd & 10

Completed pass to TE Wright (4 yards)

Great anticipation on a rush as he let loosed the ball quickly to Wright. Rainey picked up the DE as Penn picked up the inside blitz.

8 for 15


1st & 10

Completed TD pass to WR Vjax (11 yards)

Holy crap that was a great throw as it was precise! That's the money ball.

9 for 16


2nd & 28

Completed pass to WR Vjax (11 yards)

Good throw to pick up a chunk of yards. Lots of DBs just waiting for a throw in the middle here.

10 for 17


3rd and 7

INC pass to WR Vjax

Vjax drops another pass! WTF? Anyhow, this play calling is either badly designed to be short or the WR's ran it too short. Glennon had good protection and the routes were nice as it had a pick to help Vjax get a slight opening, but it just was not deep enough.

10 for 18


1st & 10

Sacked ( - 7 yards)

As soon as Glennon set to throw, he gets treated to a sack. Penn let Aldon Smith walk right through the middle as opposed to being pushed outside.


3rd and 14

INC pass

Ball was tipped at the line. The pass still looked like a check down for short yardage. Wow… I replayed the play and the O-Line was simply pushed back right on top of Glennon. To make up for the sack in the drive, Penn was the only O-Line still at the line of scrimmage. SMH.

10 for 19


1st & 10

Completed pass to WR Vjax ( 16 yards)

Glennon rolls out of the pocket as Penn lets Aldon Smith rush through the inside AGAIN! Great throw on the run.

11 for 20


1st & 10

Completed pass to TE Wright (7 yards)

Rainey completely misses the block on the edge rusher(Aldon Smith), but Glennon still got the ball out quick to Wright. Ahem… Penn didn't even help out on Smith and focused solely on the middle… why? It was only a three man rush excluding Aldon.

12 for 21


2nd & 3

Completed pass to WR Underwood (6 yards)

Glennon stayed put in the pocket once Penn flopped to make Smith at least pause for a good pass to Underwood.

13 for 22


1st & 10

Completed pass to TE Wright (8 yards)

Rainey and Penn worked in tandem to stop Smith and gave time to hit Wright on the sideline. At this point Ronde says the offense is finding its rhythm again going hurry up offense and needed to do it.

14 for 23


1st & 10

Completed pass to Vjax (11 yards)

Great timing route and pass thrown. Good blocking. It looked as though the Niners were trying hard to confuse the left side again and both Penn and Rainey did enough to buy Glennon time.

15 for 24


1st & 10

INC pass to WR Jackson

This pass seemed like another timing route for Vjax to come back, but he fell down (probably on the comeback like the defender did on the previous play).

15 for 25


2nd & 10

Completed pass to Vjax (9 yards)

Wow. Glennon is more decisive and hit Vjax for a good gain. The Oline is holding up good on this play.

16 for 26


3rd & 1

Completed pass to WR Owusu (8 yards)

This is good play calling here as Owusu ran the under with Vjax on the go. Two things I noticed here was that Glennon had to wait for the play develop because he had a hitch to want to throw the ball early (good thing he didn't as I don't think Owusu was ready) and the right side of the OLine looked scarily pushed back. Yikes! Good run after the catch by Owusu.

17 for 27


1st & 10

Completed TD pass to TE Wright (24 yards)

Wow pass. Funny thing here is that Dotson and Joseph held the on rusher's jersey and then pushed him further back to buy Glennon time right when Glennon stepped up into the pocket. Please note: at this point Glennon's 18 for 28, or 64.2% passing efficiency. We all know what happens on from here on end.

18 for 28


1st & 10

INC to WR Underwood

Underwood dropped a pass he had in his hands after getting hit. At this point of the game, it's 30 - 14 after the Sheppard fumble and 49er returned for TD.

18 for 29


2nd & 10

INC - thrown away

Glennon overthrew Wright on purpose as the edge rusher on the right side was moments from pasting Glennon. Wright was double teamed on that play as well.

18 for 30


3rd & 10

INC - thrown away

On a four man rush, Dotson get beat again on the edge and the rest of the line looks lost as defensive tackle was through the line as soon as the ball was snapped as well. WTF? No chance for Glennon even on the roll out as the his three WR's just stood clumped together in the middle of the field. So he threw it away.

18 for 31


4th & 10

INC to WR Page

The line held, but no one was open.

18 for 32


1st & 10

INC to WR Owusu

The ball was throw in Owusu's direction, but no where near Owusu. Although, Owusu was on the ground as you watched the ball skipped by him.

18 for 33


2nd & 10

Sacked ( - 11 yards)

Do we even have an offensive line on this play? Glennon looks to his left and then scans to his right only to find a rush right in front of him. This is bad.


3rd & 26

Sacked (0 yards)

There is no offensive line still, but Glennon was looking for a longer gain than the dump off to Leonard. Should have dumped it off if the plan was to go for it on fourth down. No idea what the plan was this late in the game (Also, this is this first time I saw this part of the game as I left after we scored the second TD).


4th & 26


Glennon threw way to early as none of his receivers were past the first down marker. I dunno why he rushed it as there was only a three man rush and two Bucs to each defender. But Glennon's throw was behind his intended receiver as it was deflected into the air for an INT. At this point it was whatever, right?

18 for 34

Before doing this article, I just thought Glennon did terribly outside the two minute offense. I did not watch the end of the game as I had prior engagements, but I did record the game. Now after the research, I am growing on Glennon. Sure, he had some bad moments, but on the whole, he had a good game. There were quite a few dropped passes, there were some throw away passes, and there was a lot of bad offensive line play.

The offense on third down efficiency was beyond terrible. It went one for 10. Then on closer inspection, we see that seven out of the 10 opportunities were of the third-and-long variety, where long is classified as six or more yards. One of the short third down opportunities, Glennon held onto to the ball for some unknown reason when two options were readily available. The plays drawn up for most of these third down opportunities seem not to be designed to make a first down when it is third down and long.

Glennon finished 18 for 34, which is 52.9%. After the second touchdown, Glennon was 64%. But the turnover for a touchdown on the kickoff was quite demoralizing. The offensive line seemed to have failed the team after giving up the touchdown and again after the FG.

The beginning of the game was harsh. A dropped pass by Leonard and Jackson helped to contribute to short outings on offense. There was that “throw the damned ball” moment on 3rd and 3 yards to go as he got sacked with options available to him. And yet, he guides the team at the end of the half to a touchdown based on his arm. You begin to realize how bad it is around him in the second half. The first possession in the second half and the offense is pinned to 1st and 30. The second possession in the second half revealed how bad our offensive line play is. Despite those possessions, Glennon worked around it and earned another touchdown. Then the muffed kickoff occurred shortly. Glennon had no help thereafter.

A better offensive coordinator, a better line, and some sure handed receivers would surely help out Glennon. How about a better run game. Oh, and there is that defense that got owned that could need some help as well.