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49ers vs. Buccaneers Final Score: San Francisco rolls over Tampa Bay, 33-14

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it a competitive game through three quarters against the San Francisco 49ers, before getting blown out in the fourth quarter once again.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost yet another game, falling to 4-10 on the year. The San Francisco 49ers simply outclassed the Bucs in all three phases of the game, with every group contributing to another ugly loss for Tampa Bay.

The first quarter was quiet enough. The Buccaneers couldn't get anything done on offense either on the ground or through the air, amassing just 23 yards in the first period. When the 49ers then drove down the field and scored on their first drive of the game, things looked ugly. The Bucs couldn't stop the run, and struggled to contain Kaepernick on passing downs.

For a short time, that changed. The defense started to step up, with Gerald McCoy being the catalyst (as always) for a pass rush that managed to consistently pressure Colin Kaepernick. That worked for about two drives, and the Bucs trailed 17-0 after a 52-yard Vernon Davis touchdown with less than two minutes remaining in the first half. It felt like the game was over, as the offense had managed a grand total of 30 yards at that point.

Mike Glennon disagreed, though. He drove the Bucs down the field, leading them 80 yards down the field in a no-huddle offense and capping off the drive with a touchdown, going into the half trailing 17-7. They were down two scores, but at least they were still in it. A few drives later, Mike Glennon would again lead the Bucs down the field, capping it off with a great touchdown throw to Tim Wright. Once again, that happened with the Bucs in hurry-up mode, abandoning the run along the way.

The 49ers carefully chewed up clock in the second half, trying to secure the win and grabbing two field goals along the way and leaving the Buccaneers in a 23-14 hole with just 4:27 leaving in the game. Tampa Bay had a chance, albeit not a big one, to grab that and win this game.

And then the Bucs tried a reverse on the kickoff return, fumbled the exchange and the 49ers had a touchdown, grabbing a 30-14 lead. That was all she wrote. The subsequent two offensive drives yielded nothing, predictably, and the Bucs left the field facing an ugly 33-14 score.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have silenced their critics and saved Greg Schiano's job with a big win or at least a close loss today, but it just wasn't happening. The offense was inept on all but two drives, only coming alive a little in hurry-up mode. The defense couldn't contain Colin Kaepernick and was dominated on the ground. Tackling was once again an issue. Even special teams got in on the inept performance.

This was a total team loss, and that's a reflection on the head coach, once again.


Mark Barron injured his hamstring and was said to be questionable to return. The safety did not return to the field.

Key statistics:

Mike Glennon completed 18 of 34 passes for 179 yards, two touchdowns, one interception and four sacks.

Tim Wright caught seven balls for 82 yards and a touchdown.

The Bucs allowed 190 rushing yards on 37 carries.

What's next?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to St. Louis to take on the Rams next week, after which they'll travel to New Orleans to face the Saints in the final week of the season. With today's loss, the Bucs desperately need to win one of those games and preferably two if Greg Schiano is to keep his job.