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NFL Week 15 Picks - DLT's Deadlocks

Another 11-5 week for DLT as he hopes to close out the last few weeks on a roll!


Well, it's been a strange year thus far, hasn't it? I've been right more than I'm wrong in my picks - that's new. Kinda like it. Until just recently, my upset specials actually did upset (although I think I'm coming back to Earth there, Ohfer in my last four).

The Texans, Falcons, Redskins, Vikings and maybe the Packers will all be watching the playoffs on TV while Philadelphia, Detroit, Carolina and Kansas City appear to be on their way to surprise returns to the playoffs (although the Lions aren't quite in yet). The Cardinals are also in the mix.

Meanwhile, not much changes for the Buccaneers and Browns.

Yes, its so funny to see the pre-season prognosticators all picking the same teams every year. It never, ever works out that way. The NFL is all about change. Every season we have new playoff teams. Yet every year, the "experts" pick the same exact teams that made it the previous season to duplicate their performance in the next year.

It's really what gives downtrodden franchises hope.

Maybe we can be next year's Chiefs!

Maybe, but right now you're this year's Browns.

But hey, let's look at the bright side as we head into the last few weeks of the season.

Last Week: 11-5 68%   Upset Specials: 0-2

Season: 135-72 65% Upset Specials: 14-13 52%

Thursday Night

Broncos 30, Chargers 16 - The Bright side for Denver, Peyton proved he could play in cold weather. The bright side for San Diego - Phillip Rivers seems to be back on track.


Redskins 23, Falcons 13 - The bright side for the team from Washington is that the Shanny-Snyder-RG 3-10 debacle should find some resolution. The bright side for the Falcons is they are in prime position to grab Jadaveon Clowney.

Upset Special #1: Bears 30, Browns 13 - The Bright side for the Browns is every time I've picked the Bears as my upset special, they've lost. The bright side for Chicago is they're still in the race even though Cutler has been out.

Colts 40, Texans 13 - The bright side for the Colts is they play in the AFC South.  Bright side for the Texans is they'll have a new coach and probably a new QB.

Patriots 27, Dolphins 16 - The bright side for the Patriots will always be Tom Brady (until he retires, of course). The Bright side for Miami is they're in Miami.

Eagles 30, Vikings 16 - The bright side for the Eagles is Chip Kelly is a mad genius. The bright side for the Vikings is they quickly realized that Josh Freeman shouldn't be starting.

Seahawks 24, Giants 16 - Bright side for the Seahawks, they can test out hotels for their return trip to New York in February. Bright side for the have a Manning?

49ers 20, Buccaneers 6 - Bright side for San Fran is their win last week against Seattle. Bright side for the Bucs is Lavonte David - the best linebacker in the NFL.

Jaguars 10, Bills 3 - Bright side for Jacksonville is they are putting some nice momentum for 2014. Bright side for the Bills is they have one helluva defense.

Chiefs 20, Raiders 13 - Bright side for the Chiefs is their schedule is filled with patsies. Bright side for the Raiders is Crazy Al is no longer calling the shots.

Panthers 26, Jets 0 - Carolina's bright side is that amazing defense. The Jets bright side is at least they don't have Mark Sanchez to blame.

Upset Special #2: Packers 36, Cowboys 23 - Green Bay's bright side is they're still in the race even without Discount Doublecheck. Dallas' bright side is after this latest collapse EVERYONE is getting fired.

Cardinals 23, Titans 13 - The Cards Bright side is Bruce Arians' instant impact and actually having a QB not named Skelton. The Flaming Thumbtacks bright side is they may finally stop waiting for CJ2k to live up to his contract.

Saints 30, Rams 17 - The Saints bright side is a favorable schedule down the stretch. The Scams bright side is they own Washington's first round draft pick.

Sunday Night

Bengals 23, Steelers 16 - The Bengals bright side is they're probably going to win the AFC North. The Steelers bright side is Mike Tomlin appears to have learned his lesson.

Monday Night

Lions 30, Ravens 23 - Detroit's bright side is it can't snow at Ford Field. Baltimore's bright side is the AFC is so bad this year an 8-8 team might get in.