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NFL Power Rankings, week 10: Buccaneers are not the worst.

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The weekly power rankings universally have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers above the Jacksonville Jaguars. So. There's that.

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Weekly power rankings are useless, except as a view of how the rest of the NFL and fans see your team. For the Bucs, the news is still depressing -- but slightly less depressing than it used to be.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are no longer the worst team in the league. It seems the consensus is now complete that that title truly belongs to the Jacksonville Jaguars, especially so given the fight the Bucs gave the SeahawksSB Nation even has the Bucs 30th. Yes, that's now a positive. Such is life.

Well, the Bucs demonstrably haven't quit on Schiano yet as they gave the Seahawks all they wanted at the Clink. Of course, coming up short after a supreme effort like that can be pretty deflating, so it will be interesting to see if they can rally next week against Miami. The good news is that Mike Glennon is looking like he belongs. Doug Martin's Fantasy owners can feel free to vomit after being reminded what a featured back can do in that offense when he's not being absolutely scuttled by the QB. Good show, Mike James. (Last Week: 31)

Everyone else still thinks the Bucs are second-worst, though. Pete PriscoShutdown CornerMLive.comBlogging the BoysBleeding Green NationBig Blue ViewCincy Jungle and Mile High Report -- all of them think only the Jaguars are worse than the Bucs. By contrast, the only site I could find that also had the Bucs 30th was The Phinsider, who have the Vikings below the Bucs.

That was all in this week's installment of "Everyone thinks the Bucs suck". Join us next week!

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