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Doug Martin Injury: Buccaneers running back could be back for Monday Night Football

Doug Martin's injury seems serious, but he could return as soon as next week.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been missing Doug Martin for two games now, but that may be all he'll miss this season. Despite a torn labrum that will eventually require surgery, the running back has been strengthening his shoulder and Greg Schiano said Doug Martin could play on Monday Night Football against the Miami Dolphins next week.

The Bucs didn't miss Martin much against the Seattle Seahawks as Mike James put up a very impressive 158 yards on 28 carries against the Seattle Seahawks. Martin has just 456 yards on 127 carries this year and his production overall has been disappointing, although that wasn't all his fault. Part of the increased production for James was a change of running scheme and improved blocking from the offensive line, which is promising for the Muscle Hamster if he does return this year.

Whether Martin returning is really the best for him in the long term is a question at the forefront of Bucs fans' minds, but the team's medical staff should be in the best position to determine that.

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