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Buccaneers vs. Seahawks Final Score: Tampa Bay suffers crushing overtime loss

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cannot win, as they see a 21-0 lead evaporate as they lose in overtime to the Seattle Seahawks.

Steve Dykes

Another week, another crushing Tampa Bay loss.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should never have been in this game. They were 16-point underdogs. No one thought they could win. And yet they came out guns blazing, jumping out to a 24-7 lead and looking in control. And then, as it has all season, everything came crashing down. The Bucs lose to the Seattle Seahawks 27-24 in overtime and fall to 0-8.

The first half was simply dominant on both sides of the ball for the Bucs. Despite giving up far too many rushing yards on the first drive, the Bucs defense held down Russell Wilson, with Mark Barron picking him off early on. It wasn't until the final drive of the half that the Seahawks became threatening, and they needed a few penalties to finally get the ball down the field and into the end zone.

Meanwhile, the Bucs offense looked dominant. Mike James ran all over the Seahawks, racking up 82 yards in the first half. Even more impressive was Mike Glennon's statline: 10/11 for 124 yards and two touchdowns at the half. Add in a third touchdown pass by Mike James to Tom Crabtree on a brilliant jump pass and the Bucs simply destroyed the Seahawks. Even special teams joined in with a forced fumble recovered by punter(!) Michael Koenen.

That gave the Bucs a 21-7 lead and even a 24-7 lead after the first drive of the second  half -- but as has been customary this season, the Buccaneers collapsed in the second half. The run defense could not stop the Seahawks, who had three players with over 5 yards per carry on the game. It was only a surprising Keith Tandy interception on the goal-line that prevented an early tie game in the fourth quarter.

That interception didn't prevent a tie game, though, as the Seahawks got a quick three-and-out and then drove down the field to tie it up with a touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin. The Bucs had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter with 1:51 left and needing a field goal, but they couldn't get beyond midfield.

It was all over after that. A three-and-out for the Bucs to open overtime gave the Seahawks the ball, who promptly drove the Beast Mode Bus down the field. Marshawn Lynch got six carries before the Seahawks kicked the field goal to win the game.

The sad part? This was the best game Tampa Bay has played all season.


Gerald McCoy limped off the field with what looked like a left ankle injury in overtime. He did not return.