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NFL Picks Week 13 - DLT's Deadlocks

DLT looks to bounce back from a bad week and tells you what each NFL team should give thanks for.

Gregory Shamus

Well, it was bound to happen. Last week was my first losing week of the season. 6-8 isn't terrible (and yes, I'm counting the Green Bay-Minnesota tie as a loss - I didn't predict a tie), I've had worse weeks - but it's definitely not where I want to be as a prognosticator.

But hey, now isn't the time to worry about what we didn't achieve - its Thanksgiving and we have a ton to be thankful for.

I'm alive, I'm relatively healthy, my lovely wife still puts up with my b.s. and we have a great home. I'm still employed, still writing, Star Mage impacts all comic book stores in April and hey, the Bucs have won three straight.

Let's see what NFL teams have to be thankful for.

Last Week: 6-8 43% Upset Specials: 1-1 50%

Season: 113-62 65% Upset Specials: 14-9 61%

Thanksgiving Day

Lions 23, Packers 13 - The Lions can be thankful for Megatron - who is the best there is. Green Bay is thankful that Discount Doublecheck will be back in the next week or so.

Cowboys 20, Raiders 10 - The Cowboys are thankful it's still November, so Tony Romo can still lead to wins. The Raiders are thankful for the Black Hole...where every Sunday is Halloween.

Ravens 20, Steelers 13 - The Ravens are thankful they can look at their shiny Super Bowl rings for at least another couple months. The Steelers are thankful they played some weak sisters to get on a roll.


Jaguars 20, Browns 13 - The Jaguars are thankful that Tim Tebow has decided to head into broadcasting. The Browns are thankful that Josh Gordon is still on their team.

Colts 30, Titans 13 - The Colts are thankful they had a big enough lead in the division their slump isn't threatening their playoff position. The Flaming Thumbtacks are Thankful that Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't terrible.

Bears 23, Vikings 13 - The Bears are thankful that Josh McCown isn't Luke McCown. The Vikings are thankful this is a strong year for QBs in the draft.

Dolphins 17, Jets 13 - The Fins are thankful that the Incognito story has finally fallen out of the public attention span. The Jets are thankful that Rex Ryan can blame it on breaking in a rookie QB.

Eagles 27, Cardinals 16 - Philly is thankful Nick Foles can play ball. Arizona is thankful Bruce Arians still has some of that magic from his days in Indy.

Upset Special #1: Buccaneers 20, Panthers 16 - Carolina is thankful for that wonderful defense. Tampa Bay is thankful for Lavonte David being the second coming of Derrick Brooks.

Patriots 40, Texans 2 - New England is thankful Tom Brady is still Tom Brady. Houston is thankful that they'll be able to rid themselves of Gary Kubiak soon enough.

Bills 27, Falcons 13 - Buffalo is thankful for another easy win. Atlanta is thankful this season from hell is almost over.

Upset Special #2: Rams 20, 49ers 13 - The Rams are thankful for a tremendous defense, the 49ers are thankful for a fairly soft schedule this season.

Broncos 40, Chiefs 16 - Denver is thankful for Peyton Manning. Kansas City is thankful they built a big margin for error in making the playoffs.

Chargers 23, Bengals 16 - San Diego is thankful for remaining competitive this season. The Bengals are thankful the rest of the division is in transition.

Sunday Night

Giants 30, Redskins 13 - The G-men are thankful that they're playing the Redskins. The Washington football franchise are thankful that the RGIII controversy takes away from their name controversy.

Monday Night

Seahawks 26, Saints 20 - The Seahawks are thankful for their awesome homefield advantage. The Saints are thankful that Rob Ryan doesn't suck - the Cowboys do.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!