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Buccaneers vs. Lions All-22 Raw Notes

I'm posting most of my raw thoughts as I watched the All-22 tape of the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

First quarter

Clayborn and Bowers both barrel through their OTs while McCoy beats the guard, but somehow Stafford still escapes contain -- can't find an open man downfield, though. Revis on Megatron one-on-one.

Davin Joseph continues to be the team's worst offensive lineman, and it's not close.

Bucs keep in eight for pass protection, and unsurprisingly no one's open. Glennon's ball to the outside is a little overthrown. Next play Meredith can't stop Fairley and Glennon wildly overthrows Underwood on sideline.

These long stunts take too long to develop and aren't even creating a free rusher late at this point -- Lions adjust easily.

Adam Hayward on Reggie Bush in man coverage is not fair to Hayward.

Great break on the ball from Leonard Johnson to break up a bad throw to Burleson in matchup zone, David with nice reaction to pick it off.

Fake end-around and no one pays attention to it. Rainey doesn't look as decisive as he did last week, gets stuck behind linemen when he should be cutting outside.

Underwood is open deep but Glennon doesn't see him, probably not part of his progression. A little late getting the ball to Wright, and Fairley kills Meredith. No linebacker can cover Wright, though.

Underwood is beating these guys deep on go routes but they're only using him and Jackson on clear-out routes for now.

Safeties can't cover Wright, either. Good timing throw. Glennon a little late with throw again but not an issue.

The entire offensive line is getting killed. Lorig at tight end is mediocre at best. Really need to find a better solution for that. Might as well plug in Carimi.

Tim Wright is unstoppable.

I don't know who's supposed to pop open on these All-go routes. Glennon doesn't feel pressure while Rainey's open for a checkdown that should get around 8 yards but takes sack instead. Ansah just killed Penn's hands, even though he's playing well.

Clayborn almost got home on a stunt but ball's out too fast. Next play stunt gets Clayborn unblocked tackle at the line for second time this game. That's where they work best.

More zone. Revis is tracking Calvin Johnson but he hasn't played much man on him. McCoy beats double team but gets no help and Stafford can scramble around for five seconds and find a first down.

Reggie Bush juked Lavonte David out of his pants.

Stafford throws ball way behind Megatron on yet another zone coverage play, but he had he thrown it farther ahead Hayward could've made a play on it.

Why does this team always get killed on screen passes.

Second quarter

Hi there Nate Burleson with five blocks of space around you. Looks like Johnson blew this coverage, but may have been Banks. These coverage busts on (matchup) zone happen way too often.

That's a horrible tackle attempt, Revis. In zone coverage, by the way. Man coverage is few and far between.

Detroit's playing basically the entire game from 3-receiver sets putting the Bucs in nickel. Part of the reason why they can run so well.

Touchdown's on Keith Tandy. He bites hard on play action leaving Johnson in an impossible position on Pettigrew.

Great deep ball by Glennon. Jackson beats the cornerback despite the fact that he doesn't buy the double move for a second.

If you want to trap block Suh, have to get the handoff farther away from him.

Rainey can squeeze through small holes, but he's not doing it often enough in this game.

Great throw by Glennon on the move to Tiquan Underwood. Coverage scramble, offensive line gave him plenty of time.

Underwood is such a sloppy, unreliable route runner -- really can't beat cornerbacks except with his speed. Good throw by Glennon to get the touchdown, though. Jackson double, Owusu was open for fade route but wasn't primary target of play.

Can't lose contain on the edge vs Reggie Bush. Looks like Leonard Johhnson's fault.

Hey, man coverage, single high safety -- Danny Gorrer gets beat. Y'know the point of Revis is to give help elsewhere, right?

Whelp, Revis gets fooled by Johnson there. Bites on go route but Johnson runs comeback.

Fauria so isn't in. Gorrer has to play that route better, though. In general Bucs are struggling to get pressure on Stafford -- quick throws a big reason, but blitzes are getting picked up too easily too.

Bobby Rainey gets killed by the safety on this blitz and Bucs only have two receiver out on routes (running go routes). That's a sack every time.

There's that pick six. Zone coverage and Johnson jumps the ball again, Stafford throws a bad ball because of McCoy's pressure.

There's that wild overthrow to Calvin Johnson. I'm not sure he was as open as he seemed -- looks like Revis could have recovered.

Third quarter

Start the second half with two runs for -7 yards. Penn and Dotson are generally fine but the guards are horrible in this game.

Can't lead your receivers to defenders over the middle, Glennon. Not sure why we're running five-yard crossing routes with Vincent Jackson on 3rd-and-17 anyway. Definitely don't know why that looks like the first read.

Dominic Raiola hitting Leonard Johnson in the back like a punk after the play's over. Good job not retaliating. Next play McCoy kills the guard and forces an incompletion.

And then they put McCoy head-upon the center where he gets effectively triple-teamed and the Lions get an easy first down targeting Megatron vs. Banks.McCoy should be over the left guard every play at this point.

Hayward can't play the seam/deep middle in Tampa 2. Easy touchdown for the Lions with McCoy and Clayborn running a quick stunt to blunt their pass rush.

Underwood continues to run by his defender deep but Glennon's locking onto dumpoffs under pressure. Note to Sullivan: two go routes and two dumpoff routes is not an effective play design.

Horrible throw behind Wright on the rollout. Had the defender looked up that would have been a pick, but he was too busy staring at Wright's ass.

40-yard run by Bush - Clayborn gets walled off, looks like he needs to squeeze the OT inside. But there's no one in weakside B-gap where run goes -- who blew his responsibility? Clayborn most likely.

Why in all the hells does Tandy wind up in man coverage on Kris Durham there. Good thing he drops it.

Someone explain to me why William Gholston is getting more playing time than Bowers. Gholston isn't bad but Bowers makes an impact about once every three plays on the field.

Dekoda Watson showing off that speed again. He can run and dip around the edge, but issue in previous years was always that he had no other moves. That will determine whether he can stick in this rush end role. Too easy to just set wide now.

That interception was a gift to Keith Tandy. Can't throw late over the deep middle with a single high safety just sitting there.

Rainey needs to improve his pass blocking. Nice throw by Glennon to Wright, though.

Joseph and Meredith have to be replaced this offseason. Nicks returning should help but Joseph isn't close to being starting quality right now.

Every time McCoy lines up over the left guard and is alowed to rush he kills him. Maybe do that more, guys.

Fourth quarter

Underwood runs by his man for what must be the twentieth time today but Glennon finally finds him deep, with the line providing just enough time. Nice job throwing a great deep ball under some pressure.

Why are you lining McCoy up head up over the center. Just..stop doing that. And that's the third third down in a row they're doing that. What the hell? Nice pass rush by Casillas against the RB.

Glennon's taking too many sacks but the scheme really isn't helping him. Slowly developing routes with no one open. Joseph and meredith continue to get killed in pass pro.

Back to defense. I can't remember the last play McCoy got a straight rush against the left guard. Quick stunt now. Stop taking him out of the play, dammit.

There we go. Straight rush against the right guard and just kills him, gets a hit on Stafford -- ball out but short of first. That's what happens when you let him just rush.

Left guard just tackled McCoy to the ground giving Stafford time to throw deep. Banks breaks it up, though, and otherwise Barron would have jarred the ball loose.

Durham beats Gorrer easily. Great throw by Stafford on the out route. Nice of Durham to just throw it back into play though.

I'm not sure why Owusu isn't on the field more because these two-receiver route combinations don't work at all.

Owusu's open, but Glennon doesn't pull the trigger. And then takes a horrible sack instead of throwing it away. Bad Glennon. Bad! /whacks on the nose (Dotson's "COME ON" reaction is kind of hilarious)


Calvin Johnson's quadruple covered (zone) but Stafford's like "lemme throw it up". Nope. Not even Megatron can fix that.

Game-sealing interception -- Clayborn gets pressure on Stafford and he just throws it up. Banks is covering Megatron and has no clue where the ball is but McCray saves the day, knocking it into Banks' hands. Hurray.

Rushing the kneeldown!