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Give Mike Glennon Some Love

Mike Glennon is having one of the best rookie seasons ever from a statistical perspective, but some Bucs' fans are still banking on Bridgewater.

Gregory Shamus

No rookie quarterback has ever thrown a touchdown in each of their first eight starts. Well, that was true until yesterday when Mike Glennon accomplished that feat. Glennon is quietly proving to be the real deal and improving each and every week, but vitriol for the coach and the incessant losing to start the season are blinding Buccaneer fans to what could be a mid round miracle selection.

At the beginning of the season I was laughed at when I speculated that Greg Schiano drafted Glennon because he wanted his very own Tom Brady. Let's take a look at their debut numbers just for a minute. It's also important to realize that Brady was not a rookie when he debuted in the second game of 2001. He had a year on the bench to learn behind Bledsoe. (All stats pulled from

2001 Tom Brady (15 games)

Att Comp Pct Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Sck Rating
413 264 63.9 2,843 6.9 189.5 18 4.4 12 2.9 41 86.5

2013 Mike Glennon (8 games)

Att Comp Pct Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Sck Rating
269 168 62.5 1,782 6.6 222.8 13 4.8 4 1.5 21 91.6

Now, I think just about everyone can agree that Tom Brady had what anyone would call a phenomenal debut season. Not only did he lead the team to the playoffs, but came into his own in the postseason, becoming the youngest quarterback to ever win a super bowl, and starting a dynasty.

As the chart above clearly shows, Glennon is having a spectacular rookie campaign. Hell, he even has a higher rating than Tom Brady THIS season (Brady currently sitting at 86.3). Is he going to be the next Tom Brady? Probably not, but the craziest part is we can't be so sure at this point. Who in the hell would have expected that two months ago?

While it's certainly been a frustrating season to sit back and watch as a fan, it's important that we take note of the great player we may be passing up on if we did indeed take a QB in the first round of next year's draft. It's highly unlikely that a rookie could come in and play any better than Mike Glennon is playing right now. He has shown improvement with every game.

This kid is working on the weaknesses of his game at an alarming rate. Can't take care of the football. Check. Can't make all his reads. Check. Can't throw the deep ball. Check.

He may fall back to Earth in the next few games, but for now Buc fans need to give credit where credit is due. Mike Glennon looks like he very well could be the guy, so please quit crying about winning and losing out on a guy like Mariotta or Bridgewater. They have proven nothing yet at this level, and Glennon has at least shown a ton of promise. Time to get on board Buc fans.