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Buccaneers vs. Lions Recap: Five takeaways point to other problems

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on a three-game winning streak, and all is well among Bucs fans. I mean, aside from the bitter argument between people who want Greg Schiano gone and draft position to improve and those who just want to win games. Hey, it's sports. What is it for if not irrational, angry debates?

That said, every game is its own story, and this one's particularly weird. The Buccaneers forced five turnovers and didn't turn over the ball once. They missed two field goals and allowed a big punt return -- but also blocked a punt themselves. They managed three points on offense off turnovers, and yet scored touchdowns on drives starting at their own 5- and 20-yard line. They couldn't run the ball, and yet managed 24 yards through the air. It was an odd day, and that makes analyzing it a little difficult.

Although forcing five turnovers is a positive, winning by three points and a fluky goal-line interception when your offense hasn't turned over the ball once points to other issues. It doesn't mean the defense is fixed, either, as it's very, very hard to rely on turnovers to stop opponents -- they're unreliable things, turnovers. The Buccaneers are improving and they're playing hard, but they're not a good team, yet. Too many things are going wrong and too many things have gone just right for the Bucs to come out on top.

And yet, it's a win. It's another game in which the Buccaneers showed that they're resilient, that they're not giving up and that Greg Schiano may have a case for another year in Tampa. Another game where Mike Glennon played well. Another game where Vincent Jackson came up big. Another game where the Bucs came up winners in the end, regardless of what happened in the prior four quarters.

You know what? I'll take that win any time of the day. No matter how ugly it is.

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