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Which Lion would you add to the Buccaneers?

The Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off on Sunday, so we ask you the same question we ask every week: which Lion would you add to the Buccaneers?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Calvin Johnson

The best receiver in the NFL would look good in any team's colors. Now imagine pairing him with Vincent Jackson. Now that'd be fun - and it would give Mike Glennon a bit of help. Whether Revis can shut down Johnson remains to be seen (if the Bucs will even let him try), but he'd surely be an upgrade for the Bucs.

Ndamukong Suh

Suh has been controversial, has been a dirty player -- but he's still pretty good on the field. Not as good as Gerald McCoy, of course, but still pretty good. So how about pairing him with McCoy? Put the second and third overall picks of the 2010 draft next to each other and watch them dominate. Now that'd be fun.

Ezekiel Ansah

Ziggy Ansah hasn't been consistent, but he's certainly shown the athletic talent that turned him into a top five draft pick. Ansah has three sacks on the year, which isn't dominant but is pretty good. More importantly, he's turned into a pretty decent edge rusher -- and that's exactly what the Bucs lack right now.

Micheal Spurlock

Run, Micheal, run! Just for history's sake.

Which Lion would you add to the Bucs?

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