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Precision Play of the Week: Bobby Rainey's touchdown

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were impressive against the Atlanta Falcons, producing explosive play after explosive play and grinding down the Falcons run after run. One of the most impressive plays involved some precision blocking from the offensive line, and resulted in Bobby Rainey's first touchdown run of the day.

The play is a perfect example of great teamwork and precision blocking. Everyone had to execute his block perfectly for this run to get to the endzone, including the wide receivers -- and everyone did. It was also a key play in the game: the team's first touchdown, after which they took a massive lead very rapidly to put away the Atlanta Falcons. There are several points during this run where Rainey could have been tackled, yet he managed to squeeze inside Davin Joseph's block and past the defensive backs to go for six points.

With blocking like that, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can get Rainey into the endzone every week.