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Buccaneers teammates of the week: the offensive line

A resurgent Tampa Bay offensive line has keyed an improving offense.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

I think we're going to have to name the offensive line the teammates of the week for the rest of the season, because they've been the key to this team's improved offense over the past couple of weeks. A scheme change as well as a change in personnel have keyed a resurgent Tampa Bay running game. No more outside zone, and more pulling guards, counter plays and fullback leads. No more Ted Larsen or Gabe Carimi at left guard, and more Jamon Meredith. No more Davin Joseph ineffectually pulling.

All of those adjustments have made a difference, and the offensive line finally looks like the dominant unit it can be. Davin Joseph is still the weakest link, but the rest of the line is doing a very good job compensating for his injury-induced weaknesses while he struggles to get back to form. With Carl Nicks still expected to return at some point this season, the line can only get better -- and that's a really good sign for Bobby Rainey and the rest of the running backs.

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