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Should the Buccaneers fire Greg Schiano?

Greg Schiano has won two games in a row, and suddenly the level of vitriol seems to have died down a little. Having changed a few things helps, as does a resurgent running game -- but most of all, it's the winning that did it, I'd guess. So here's a question for you: does Greg Schiano still deserve to be fired, or is the change over the past few games enough to give him a chance -- at least for now? And if things go well, could he even return in 2014?

The last time we asked this question, the answer was pretty clear: only 6% didn't want him fired -- though, admittedly, that poll was slightly skewed in terms of its available responses. Well, let's try again. Did two games really make a difference in the popular opinion of people? Are we so easily swayed?

Give us your opinion in the poll and comments.

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