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Dashon Goldson suspended for illegal hit, Buccaneers safety appealing

The NFL has suspended Dashon Goldson for yet another illegal hit.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has suspended Dashon Goldson one game for an illegal hit, according to Chris Mortensen. Presumably this is a suspension for a hit on Roddy White for which Goldson was penalized against the Atlanta Falcon. That hit did not look egregious to me, but apparently the NFL disagrees.

According to Adam Schefter Goldson is appealing his suspension. Judging by previous cases his appeal should be heard tomorrow.

Goldson was suspended earlier this season for another illegal hit, one that looked significantly worse, but that suspension was lifted on appeal and replaced by a $100,000 fine. If Goldson wins his appeal he can likely look forward to a big fine.

If Goldson's suspended against the Detroit Lions the Bucs will likely start second-year player Keith Tandy in his place. Tandy was exploited heavily in his two starts earlier this season and would be a big downgrade for a Tampa Bay defense that has struggled with breakdowns in coverage this year. Facing Calvin Johnson won't help matters, either.

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