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Sunday NFL Open Thread

Frederick Breedon

Here's your open thread for today's NFL games. The Buccaneers don't play till tomorrow night when they face off against the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football.

With the Bucs clearly out of the playoff race, there's really only one universal rooting interest: that of draft position. Strength of schedule and, of course, bad teams winning games would help the Bucs there. So, a quick list of rooting interests for draft position.

Eagles at Packers - Eagles

Jaguars at Titans - Jaguars

Bills at Steelers - Steelers

Raiders at Giants - Giants

Rams at Colts - Colts

Seahawks at Falcons - Seahawks

Bengals at Ravens - N/A

Lions at Bears - Bears

Panthers at 49ers - 49ers

Texans at Cardinals - Texans

Broncos at Chargers - N/A

Cowboys at Saints - Cowboys