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NFL picks against the spread, week 10: Can the Bucs get their first win?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't play until Monday Night, which means we have some time to kill. Picks against the spread it is! Make sure to check out DLT's Deadlocks as well.

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All lines from BOVADA.

Seahawks (-4.5) at Falcons: The Seattle Seahawks barely beat the Bucs last week, but they're still a good team and the Falcons are not. At one point the Seahawks are going to start losing those close games, but they should be fine against a supremely banged up Atlanta team. That doesn't mean they'll cover, though. Pick: Atlanta

Bengals (-1) at Ravens: The Cincinnati Bengals are simply the better and more talented team at every position. Losing Geno Atkins hurts, but they have enough talent on the defensive line that it's not a crippling injury. Pick: Bengals

Lions at Bears (pick 'em): The Chicago Bears get Jay Cutler back, while the Detroit Lions have been pretty good in recent weeks. This should be a close contest, but I'd pick the Bears at home. Pick: Bears

Eagles (-1) at Packers: Seneca Wallace is awful, but then so is the Eagles' offense -- except for last week. The Packers have consistently struggled against read-option teams, although the Eagles don't run it that much with Nick Foles at quarterback. This game's intriguing, but I can't pick Seneca Wallace. Pick: Eagles

Rams at Colts (-10): That is one big line for a team that really loves playing close games when they shouldn't. The Colts just haven't been consistent enough for me to take that big of a line against the Rams, who do have some talent. Pick: Rams

Raiders at Giants (-7.5): Wait, since when did the Giants get good again? 7.5-point favorites, really? That's a bit over the top. Probably an overreaction to the Raiders' performance against the Eagles last week. Pick: Raiders

Bills at Steelers (-3): The Buffalo Bills really aren't that bad, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are awful. Really, really awful. Pick: Bills

Jaguars at Titans (-13): Look, the Jaguars suck, but it's not like the Titans are blowing people up, either. 13 points is a lot. Pick: Jaguars.

Panthers at 49ers (-6): The Panthers have been destroying people in recent weeks, but apparently the betting public can't trust them against a red-hot 49ers team. Given that the matchup is in San Francisco, they're probably right. Pick: 49ers

Texans at Cardinals (-3): Case Keenum is not Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson looked good. An injured Ben Tate is going to have to carry the load again, but Carson Palmer can't carry the Cardinals offense. Pick: Texans

Broncos (-7) at Chargers: The Chargers really have been a very good team this year, and there's no reason for them to be a seven-point underdog at home. They may give up the victory in the end, but they'll cover. Pick: Chargers

Cowboys at Saints (-7): Drew Brees is going to slaughter Monte Kiffin's defense, which doesn't look like a shell of its old self. Pick: Saints

Dolphins (-3) at Buccaneers: If ever there's a winnable game for the Bucs, it's this one. At home, big stage, honoring Warren Sapp, against a team in disarray with all the off-field distractions .Pick: Bucs

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