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NFLPA: Greg Schiano part of decision to place Lawrence Tynes on NFI-list

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't looking all that pretty in this drama, either.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports has a slew of details on the grievance filed by the NFLPA over Lawrence Tynes MRSA infection and his being placed on the non-football injury list, which will cost him benefits and a year of accrued service toward his pension.

The grievance focuses on the fact that Tynes was not cultured for MRSA by the team, which caused a two-week delay between diagnosis and treatment. The grievance also claims that three other Buccaneers contracted staph infections around the same time, while the NFLPA is apparently investigating whether another member of the Bucs' training staff was being treated for MRSA at the time. Team doctor Todd Toriscelli was reportedly dealing with a long-term infection, so presumably he is the target of that investigation.

As if Greg Schiano's week wasn't bad enough yet, the grievance also states that the head coach was "part of the decision-making process" to place Tynes on the NFI-list instead of injured reserve. The grievance further makes note of Greg Schiano's claim that Tynes was doing well, when he was not recovering. Schiano did not contact Tynes during the ordeal, La Canfora claims.

As all of that continues, we can just note that the public relations disaster just keep on piling up for the Bucs this year.

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