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Josh Freeman to decide between three teams after Sunday games

The former Buccaneers starting quarterback will decide between three teams, including the Oakland Raiders.

Rob Carr

Josh Freeman will decide between three teams by Sunday night, according to CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora. The former Bucs starter was reportedly contacted by between 8 to 10 teams, but has apparently whittled down his list to three potential landing spots. One of the teams to contact Freeman was San Francisco, Michael Silver said on NFL Network, but the 49ers could not offer him a starting spot, which lessened his interest.

Pro Football Talk mentioned the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars as landing spots yesterday. Ian Rapoport mentions the 49ers and Bills in addition to Oakland. Michael Silver reports that Freeman would be handed the starting job over Terrelle Pryor in Oakland, where Freeman's former offensive coordinator Greg Olson runs the offense. He would presumably have a good shot of getting a starting job in Jacksonville as well, although he would have to learn a new offense there.

Whichever team signs Freeman, the Bucs are likely on the hook for his full $6.4 million in remaining salary, assuming he files for termination pay after the season. Freeman's new salary won't offset that payment.

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