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Raiders 'strongly considering' signing Josh Freeman

Ezra Shaw

According to Charlie Campbell of Walter Football, the Oakland Raiders are likely to sign Josh Freeman provided their investigation into his departure from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers does not turn up any troubling details. Campbell worked for Pewter Report when current Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson was still with the Buccaneers, and he has a good history of being correct when it comes to reporting Bucs news.

Josh Freeman played his best season under Greg Olson, as the quarterback threw for 25 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in his first full season as a starter in 2010. Freeman has since regressed in his mechanics, and has not looked like the same quarterback in the past three years. Perhaps reuniting with his former offensive coordinator will get him back on track. The Raiders have also demoted backup Matt Flynn and placed him behind Matt McGloin, which means they could use a solid backup behind Terrelle Pryor.

This doesn't matter all that much for the Buccaneers directly, but it will be interesting to see where Freeman eventually ends up.

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