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Which Seahawk would you add to the Buccaneers?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks face off on Sunday, so we ask you: which Seattle Seahawk would you add to the Bucs?

Andy Lyons

Russell Wilson

Because, obviously.

Earl Thomas

The Buccaneers have two really, really good safeties in Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson, but Earl Thomas is from another planet. He's one of my favorite non-Buccaneers players, and there's one reason why: range. No other safety in the NFL has the kind of sideline-to-sideline speed that Thomas has and that gives their defense so much flexibility and makes it incredibly sound on the back end.

Besides, I'd like to see what a three-safety defense as base would look like, with Mark Barron playing a hybrid safety/linebacker role. Now that would be fascinating to see.

Richard Sherman

Assuming the Bucs actually start playing man coverage, of course. Imagine the pairing of Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman in one defense? How ridiculous would that be? Sherman may not be at Revis' level (even if he disagrees), but he's probably the second-best cornerback in the NFL -- and the Seahawks do a much better job of using him like it.

Put Revis on one cornerback and Sherman on the other and you don't leave a lot of options for opposing cornerbacks. Now that's a defense I'd love to see.

Zach Miller

Miller has gone a little under the radar as he isn't used much in the passing game with Seattle, but he may be the second-best all-around tight end in the NFL, behind Rob Gronkowski. He's a terrific blocker and a key part of the Seahawks' run-blocking and pass protection schemes, but he can get open down the field and make some ridiculous when he has to. He's exactly the player the Bucs have been missing on offense for years now.

Michael Bennett

See last season.

So, which player would you choose to add to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

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