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Greg Schiano could be fired if he doesn't win ASAP, says Bucs player

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just cannot escape the drama, even on their bye week, even after they released Josh Freeman.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Silver reported (video) on NFL Network that Greg Schiano is in danger of losing the locker room, which is on par with such revelations as "Bobby Petrino could leave Atlanta" or "Steve Spurrier has some issues in Washington".

Silver asked a current Buccaneers player about Schiano's chances of losing his job. "Unless we start winning games ASAP, absolutely. There's too much goshdarn talent in our locker room for us to keep losing."

Which makes a ton of sense, of course. You cannot be 0-4 after ownership invested a lot of free agency money and draft picks trading for and signing All-Pros. Add in the drama that is making the Bucs look bad and the fact that Schiano has completely lost the fanbase, and he's very close to being fired.

Mike Silver also thinks that the players aren't buying into Schiano's coaching anymore, though, which is a lot more interesting. While we haven't seen any issues with effort on the field and the defense is playing very well, it's easy to see this team spiraling out of control quickly.

"There's a sense in that locker room that he over-coaches situational football. That there's a sort of paralysis preparing for one-in-a-million scenarios. That instead of being able to go out there and play fast, guys are burdened with having to over-think things."

That's an interesting sense, although I haven't seen that on defense at all. They are playing very fast and look very good, although the offense obviously does leave a lot of things to be desired. We'll have to wait and see whether this turns into anything down the road, or whether Greg Schiano can turn this ship around.

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