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Buccaneers won't try to block Josh Freeman's termination pay

The Bucs are going to give Josh Freeman the money he is owed.

J. Meric

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won't try to take Josh Freeman's termination pay if he files for it at the end of the year, according to Pro Football Talk. The Bucs could try to fight that termination pay, but apparently have they decided that they will not. So, they're avoiding that public relations disaster.

This does mean that the Buccaneers are on the hook for his full termination pay to the tune of some $6.3 million, which will count against the salary cap. If Freeman signs elsewhere this season, he still pockets that pay. Effectively, the Bucs are now paying him to not be on the team.

And that's what happens when there's so much drama that a player has effectively become toxic for his team. The situation was unworkable, no one wanted to trade for Freeman, and the Bucs are stuck footing the bill. At least this should signal the end to this ugly situation.

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