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NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Bucs still suck

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are awful, but at least they're not the Jaguars.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In their weekly power rankings, SB Nation has the Buccaneers 31st which seems to be the universal ranking. This ranking is so universal that of the nine sites I checked, only one of them has the Bucs in a different position. That would be Revenge of the Birds ranking them 32nd.

Tampa isn't next-to-last in terms of stats, and certainly not in terms of team-wide talent. But the Kon-Tiki would have beat the three-masted HMS Bounty across the Pacific once the crew turned on Captain Bligh, and as long as the Bucs labor under their overmatched, insecure martinet of a 'coach', they'll keep turning in dreadful efforts like last Thursday's hide-tanning.

So yes, everyone thinks the Bucs are awful -- but at least they're not the Jaguars. So there's that, I guess. With the Seahawks close to the top of all the power rankings and the Bucs facing their biggest point spread since 1996 on Sunday, we're not likely to see big changes in that perception next week, either. That's all these power rankings are useful for: to gauge the national perception. And the national perception of the Bucs is not good. Shocking.

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