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Buccaneers trade rumors: Glazers must stop Schiano and Dominik from making trades

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may not be winning, but short-term trades should not be an option for them.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have dug themselves a nice little hole. At 0-7, no wins appear to be in sight and the team's playing worse every week. Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik must find a way to turn around the team quickly, and an injection of talent through trade may be just the thing. The Glazers can't allow that to happen, though.

Usually, NFL teams have to balance short-term interests with long-term interests. They can't sacrifice their long-term prospects to win now, but they can't be so focused on the long term that they're perpetually mediocre in the now, either. The general manager usually represents the long-term interests, while the head coach just wants to win now -- a reflection of the respective job security of both men.

Unfortunately, that cannot be the case at One Buccaneer Place right now. Greg Schiano is almost certainly on his way out, and it is in his immediate interest to trade everything he can for good players to start winning some games already. Mark Dominik should stop that from happening, but we don't know whether Dominik actually has that authority. More importantly, Dominik may feel that his own seat is getting hot (and rightly so) -- and if that's the case

This is where the Glazers come in. With nothing to play for this season, Dominik and Schiano cannot be allowed to harm the team's long term interests by making foolhardy trades. Already the Buccaneers are down third- and sixth-round draft picks due to the trades for Darrelle Revis and Gabe Carimi. Losing any more picks would cripple their ability to restock in next year's draft, which is necessary because the high salaries paid to a lot of veterans -- not to mention harming their ability to get a potential franchise quarterback in the draft.

The Glazers may not be willing to pull the plug on Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik just yet, but that doesn't mean they should have free reign, either. It doesn't seem likely that the Bucs will make a move before the trade deadline tomorrow -- but the Glazers should step in and make sure that nothing happens.

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