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NFL picks against the spread, week 8: bet on the Jaguars every week.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the weekend off after losing to the Panthers on Thursday. That means I have some time on my hands to make a few picks. I'm no JC with his Deadlocks, though.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys at Lions (-3): Tony Romo is playing the best football of his career and Monte Kiffin's defense finally managed to shut someone down. The Lions offense has been good but one-sided, and their defense hasn't been great. Pick: Cowboys

49ers(-15)  at Jaguars: The Jacksonville Jaguars finally figured out that Blaine Gabbert is worse than Chad Henne, although that's like figuring mercury turns you into Alice in Wonderland faster than lead does. The Jaguars have been looking better every game, though, and they should be able to beat this spread in London. Pick: Jaguars

Browns at Chiefs(-7): Brandon Weeden is awful, but he did manage to beat out Jason Campbell in preseason. Facing a 7-0 Kansas City team, that seven-point spread at home looks about right. The Chiefs get the nod because of the quarterback situation. Pick: Chiefs

Dolphins at Patriots (-6): The Patriots are bad this year, and missing Aqib Talib won't help them on defense. At least they have Rob Gronkowski back, but something's off about Tom Brady this season. A six-point spread is a little too generous for me, with the Dolphins being a pretty tough team. Pick: Dolphins

Bills at Saints (-11): The Bills aren't that bad and Thad Lewis has been okay so far, surprisingly. The Saints are good on both sides of the ball but an 11-point spread is really big. Pick: Bills

Giants at Eagles (-5.5): The Eagles aren't the greatest team in the world, but Michael Vick returns and the New York Giants are supremely awful. The Eagles may be 0-3 at home, but they'll get a good win at some point and there's no better time than today. Pick: Eagles

Jets at Bengals (-5): I can't figure out the Jets. One week they beat the Patriots, the next they get blasted by the Steelers. Weird team, but then so are the Bengals. Something tells me this game will be closer than the spread. Pick: Jets

Steelers (-1) at Raiders: I'm not sure how the Steelers are on a winning streak, but they are. Their team is still awful and the Raiders have some talent, surprisingly. In Oakland, the Raiders should walk away with this one. Pick: Raiders

Falcons at Cardinals (-2.5): Wait, the Cardinals are favored in a game? Huh. The Atlanta Falcons have injuries everywhere but that didn't stop them from demolishing the Bucs. Then again, the Cardinals are probably smart enough to put Patrick Peterson on Harry Douglas. In Arizona, this feels about right. Pick: Cardinals

Redskins at Broncos (-11): Wow is that Redskin defense ever a disaster. And that with Raheem Morris on staff. Who knew. So, best offense in the NFL against possibly worst defense in the NFL and a mediocre offense. Hello there blowout. Pick: Broncos

Packers (-9) at Vikings: Christian Ponder is back at the wheel, apparently, which spells likely doom for a Vikings squad that looks worse every week. 9 points in Minnesota is a lot, though, and those divisional matchups tend to be hard-fought. Pick: Vikings

Seahawks (-9) at Rams: Kellen Clemens is starting and the Seahawks are a top three NFL team. This one's easy. Pick: Seahawks

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