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Bucs - Panthers: 10 Things We Think We Learned: Fire Schiano Edition

Fire Schiano. That is all.

Mike Ehrmann

Alcohol and a lot of it is what got me through last night's game. This what I have been reduced to as a Bucs fan. Yes, I know - I'm supposed be the impartial columnist and evaluate but I have a soul, damn it. This soul has been tied to this franchise for 36 of my 40 years. My mom took me to my first Bucs game when I was 4.

Incidentally, that was also the last time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost seven straight at home.

The team quitting on Raheem was embarrassing. Jon Gruden's treatment of our greats was embarrassing.  Leeman Bennett, Ray Perkins and Sam Wyche were embarrassing.

This...this is infuriating.

I'm hungover, I'm angry and I'm tired. I'm also sick of typing Fire Schiano. It should happen today. The Glazers should come down from their ivory tower, get in front of the cameras at One MRSA Palace and offer a mea culpa.

What did we learn last night?

1. The Bucs organization is a disgrace. From the General Manager to the Head Coach to his assistants to the players. Vincent Jackson - Tampa Bay isn't paying you $11 million dollars to drop an easy 3rd down catch (and that's not the first time this year). Davin Joseph - you've been overrated your entire career - but even you have never been this bad. If you're hurt, sit down. If you're not hurt - you're finished. Darrelle, it's not on you man. It's Bill "Chirp" Sheridan.  #FireSchiano

2. And you Mark Dominik. You put this football team together. You spent millions and millions of Glazerbucks on a defense that's surrendered 31 points in each of the last three games (okay, 24 against Atlanta...7 was on Glennon's fumble).

You've spent high draft picks on a defensive line that can't get to the quarterback. You've spent free agent dollars (since you don't think you can draft them) on an offensive line that can't block anybody. Your choice for franchise quarterback set this franchise back five years.

You have a team that lacks depth throughout the roster. Still, #FireSchiano but you should go as well.

3. Glazers - this is your fault. After selecting two Hall of Fame coaches in your first two choices (and please don't give me the nonsense that Malcolm made those picks. Malcolm bought the club and turned it over to his boys. He's never been involved in the day-to-day). Your last two has been bad as you can get.

Hire a new GM, let him pick the head coach. Keep writing the checks. That's all. Don't go after some retread that hasn't coached in six years or some big name college guy (or gods forbid another Big East coach). Let the new GM pick the coach.

Let your football guys make football decisions. #FireSchiano

4. Sign of the night: "Schiano is the MRSA". Not really something we learned....but it was awesome.  #FireSchiano

5. So the Bucs did what Coach Napoleon asked. Don't have stupid penalties (The Bucs only had three). Don't turn the ball over on offense (the Bucs one turnover was Eric Page's muffed punt). The Results? 31-13 in your own house. You have no answer, Greg. #FireSchiano

6. It's odd, I watched the Vikings and Giants on Monday Night and thought, god those are some awful football teams. The Bucs may be bad...but they're not THAT bad. Then Thursday night happened. I honestly don't know if this football team will win a game. I don't. #FireSchiano

7. If Coach Ahab survives today, I think there's two reasons. First, The Glazers are waiting (and hoping) there's something to this NFLPA investigation. If there's any evidence #FireSchiano is the leaker, they can fire him with cause and not have to pay him. Second, they're hoping #FireSchiano sees the writing on the wall and pulls a Petrino - resign and take a job in College. They may be content in waiting it out. There's literally no scenario I can see barring a miraculous 9 game winning streak that would save his job. #FireSchiano

8. I apologized to Michael Silver on twitter yesterday. He was the first to question #FireSchiano last season, shortly after the debut of the Victory Formation attack. I lambasted him, saying that #FireSchiano was just trying to instill an attitude of not quitting for his team. I was so wrong, Mike. You knew what you were talking about. #FireSchiano

9. I swear if Greg #FireSchiano says "Doug Martin has a Shoulder, Dashon Goldson has a leg," in today's presser (assuming he's not canned), I'm going to scream obscenities. Yes Greg, we know they have body parts. Can you tell us what the frakking injury is and how long they'll be out? This guy should be wearing a clown nose and big rubber shoes at these press conferences. #FireSchiano

10. It was weird not being at the stadium last night. I had work to finish up and I also wanted to see the national perspective on our misery. Around halftime, I was watching the Tampa Bay Lightning overcome a terrible goal to rally and beat the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks in overtime for the second time this season. I really like the look of this hockey team...but you don't care about that do you? What's this have to do with learning about the Bucs? I learned I still can get some enjoyment watching a Tampa Bay team perform. Just not this one. #FireSchiano

Bonus: The fact that the Bucs lost their seventh straight home game for the first time since 1977 speaks volumes doesn't it? The Bucs haven't been this bad since their expansion years. Leeman Bennett wasn't this bad. Richard Williamson wasn't this bad. Think about that. Oh and #FireSchiano.