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Panthers vs. Buccaneers: Final Score and Game Review

The offense sucks. The defense sucks. Cam Newton is good. Buccaneers fall to 0-7 after getting shellacked 31-13.

Mike Ehrmann

The Buccaneers host the Carolina Panthers in a game in which they were desperate to win. With numerous "Fire Schiano" billboards sprouting up around Tampa in the last day or so, this team is in complete disarray. It's ugly to watch. I honestly feel sorry for the fans that paid good, hard earned money to go out and watch their team get embarrassed on Thursday night.

Glennon overthrew wide open receivers, and failed to have any sense of incoming pressure. The defense started the night off with two penalties, and it just went downhill from there. Tampa failed to get into the end zone until they faced a prevent with five minutes left, probably because the center couldn't seem to snap the ball above Mike Glennon's ankles on third downs. Revis shut down Steve Smith, but the Panthers coaches had the CRAZY idea of moving him to the opposite side of the field, thus avoiding Revis islet.

With a national audience to watch this fiasco, the Bucs failed to ever even be in contention. The Panthers dominated time of possession, the line of scrimmage and pretty much everything else in a horrible display of professional football by the Buccaneers.

Whether or not the Glazers decide to make some changes at the top tomorrow remains to be seen, but there is little doubt that a new coaching staff could do any worse. The only thing that was good about tonight was the beer I drank in order to get through this garbage display.

I'm sure we'll hear more of the "stick with us, we're going to get better" nonsense we've been hearing from Schiano and company. This team is clearly getting worse, and there is absolutely no denying it.

If they don't make a coaching change tomorrow then I honestly can't see a single reason to even watch this team at this point. I guess from a train wreck perspective it will be interesting to see if Greg Schiano can rush Doug Martin back from a serious injury and ruin his career, but for God's sake, let's hope he isn't in a position to make that call. The lone bright spot in this one may have actually been Mike James. He showed good burst and decent vision. He looks like a great find in the 6th round of last year's draft.

Glazers, the ball is in your court. I, along with the 99.99% of other fans of your team, will be anxiously awaiting your press conference tomorrow. Please don't disappoint us, or you may very well be disappointed with the turnout for your next "game".