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Report: Greg Schiano will be fired if he loses the locker room

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could rid themselves of Greg Schiano, provided


Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network tonight that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could fire Greg Schiano before the end of the season. For that to happen, Schiano would have to suffer a string of embarrassing losses, which would suggest that he has lost the locker room, or it would have to otherwise be obvious that he had lost the locker room.

The Bucs haven't reached that point yet, but it's starting to get close. Reports suggest that he has either lost the locker room already or is close to it, and we've seen more and more stories where unnamed players criticize the coach. Is that enough to fire Greg Schiano?

Moreover, the losses are becoming increasingly embarrassing. The loss against the Eagles was somewhat close through three quarters, but last week's loss against the Atlanta Falcons was ugly with a pass defense shredded by Harry Douglas, of all people. Would another embarrassing loss constitute the necessary string?

According to Rapoport, three of the Glazers would be involved in the firing of Greg Schiano, and they would not it rashly. The Glazers are likely to have been the main driver behind Schiano's hire, rather than Mark Dominik. Of course, with Bucs fans calling for Schiano's head since week two of the regular season any firing couldn't really be called "rash" at this point. The question is whether it would truly change something during this season.

The Glazers have never fired a coach before the end of the season, despite having several opportunities to do so. Most notably, Raheem Morris had to lose ten straight games in increasingly embarrassing fashion to lose his job in 2010. Still, the Glazers have never faced an 0-6 head coach with this much off-field drama, criticism and fan hatred, either.

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