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Greg Schiano "treats his players like children", Michael Silver says

Another week, another negative report on Greg Schiano. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to attract ridiculous drama.

Winslow Townson

Michael Silver of NFL Network has another report suggesting that Greg Schiano is losing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Silver talked to several players and concluded that he treats his players "like children". One of those players compared playing for Greg Schiano to being in Cuba, and another laughed at his reverential treatment of Bill Belichick during joint practices the past two years.

Michael Silver quotes former Bucs defensive end Michael Bennett as saying that "there's not much respect for him in that locker room," also noting that Peyton Manning cussed out the Bucs for rushing the kneeldown. Silver has a long history of bashing Greg Schiano, but he's also a respected NFL reporter who has plenty of sources around the league. Frankly, all of this fits with what we've heard about Greg Schiano over the past few months.

None of this would be happening if the Buccaneers were winning, and certainly Schiano has been a little unlucky at the end of games. But no amount of bad luck can explain 0-6 with a team as talented as this one. The Bucs have their first national game tonight against the Carolina Panthers, and if they can't win that one the pressure on Schiano will only increase. The Glazers have never before fired a coach before the end of the season, but they've never been in a situation as ugly as this one, either.

With every new report that comes out the question is changing from "Will Greg Schiano be fired?" to "When will he be fired?". The most likely date remaining in the season, if the Glazers want to fire him before the end of the year? Tomorrow, with well over a week to prepare for the next game.

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