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Do the Buccaneers really need to draft a quarterback?

Kevin C. Cox

I have read a plethora of articles that depict gloom because of rookie QB Mike Glennon and the dire need of a gamble on a first round quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft.  While I do admit that Glennon has a difficult time connecting with wide receivers along the side lines, I seem at a loss for words for the harshness that Glennon is receiving as a rookie where he is performing better than a fifth year veteran going into the same offensive system in former Buccaneer quarterback Josh Freeman.

31.  31 points is what has been allowed in the second consecutive game by the Buccaneers.  Granted, QB Glennon did gift the Atlanta Falcons defense with a fumble returned for touchdown, but that just means the defense allowed 24 points.  That is similar to the points allowed by the 2012 porous defense that did not have Pro Bowl players in safety Dashon Goldson and CB Darrelle Revis.

Anyhow, the offense has been scoring more points each week that Glennon has taken the helm.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Offensive Average


Game Set

Points For







1 – 3









4 – 6


WR Vincent Jackson has 10 catches for 138 yards and two touchdowns.  Unfortunately, he had 10 catches on 22 opportunities, including a dropped touchdown pass when the Buccaneers were clawing back from 14 points down.  Forgive me for not joining the masses, but I was not impressed with that performance from a highly paid player.

As bad as many people project Glennon and the offense, the fact they are putting up more points as the weeks go by should speak volumes that the offense is improving.  Maybe moving Sullivan upstairs was a good move.

The Defense has tanked.

2012 vs 2013

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Defensive Average


Game Set

Points Against

2012 Season


2013 Season


We spend $137.25 million dollars on Goldson and Revis to be 2.6 points better.  Now, many of us feel that the defensive scheme is terrible and it seems like it since we inserted two Pro Bowl players into the mix and still produce ineffectively.

As much as there is clamor for a quarterback to be drafted in the first round for the Buccaneers, presuming we ensnare one of the top three picks, I hope we do not.  I have seen trying to outscore the opposition in 2012 and do not wish to try to repeat it with yet another rookie quarterback.  But the opposing team has time to throw the ball.  The opposing quarterbacks have time to dissect the secondary.  The only way to make sure the opposing quarterback does not have time is to actually create pressure.  We have Gerald McCoy and nothing else.  Let us give him help by way of drafting defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.  Call it a make-up pick for allowing defensive lineman Michael Bennett to leave, who leads the Seattle Seahawks defense with 4.5 sacks.

Our offense is not letting the Buc faithful down, but they, or more specifically Glennon, are receiving the brunt of the failure.  Yet lost among the noise is the fact that our defense is only 2.6 points better than they were in 2012.