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Dexter Jackson says Greg Schiano kicked him and kids out of Buccaneers practice

The bad press just will not stop for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This time former star safety Dexter Jackson complains of Schiano's treatment of him.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Greg Schiano is now annoying former Buccaneers as well as current Bucs fans. Warren Sapp has been pretty vocal in his distaste for the head coach on NFL Network, though that focuses mostly on on-field play. Now former Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson is complaining that Greg Schiano kicked him and a group of kids out of practice. Jackson told 98.7 The Fan that he was told to stop bringing kids he works with to One Buc Place on Fridays because he was distracting the players.

Schiano apparently considered Dexter Jackson and those kids a distraction. The Buccaneers head coach is notoriously authoritarian and has little patience for issues that have little to do with winning football games, previously making life difficult for NFL scouts at Rutgers. But he also talked about being a good character person when he was hired and emphasized his work in the community in a recent talk with club level season ticket holders.

To make matters worse, Dexter Jackson related that people told him not to get a job at One Buc Place because it was a bad work environment. The Bucs should be embracing the former star safety who has worked in the community for years and years, not pushing him away.

I might be able to make a weak argument as to why Schiano was right to kick out Dexter Jackson. He's here to win football games first and foremost, after all, and if Jackson is hurting that then maybe you could make a case that this was the right move. But then I'd also have to conclude that he hasn't actually done a good job of winning football games, either.

Most of all, this is just tiring at this point.

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