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Score Update: Falcons up 7-0 over Buccaneers

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers still look like the same team: good defense, awful offense. The Bucs trail 7-0, despite forcing the Atlanta Falcons to punt on each of their offensive drives. Mike Glennon gave the Falcons their only points on the first third down of the game. The Falcons sent an all-out blitz, got a free rusher and Glennon got the ball knocked out of his hands. Thomas DeCoud picked it up and got himself the only score of the game so far.

Mike Glennon wasn't bad throughout the game, but the offense was hurt by several false starts and a series of drops, two of them by Vincent Jackson. With the offense stagnant, the defense is under pressure to hold down the Falcons. Lavonte David is doing everything he can with five tackles, three of them for loss. So far the defense is holding, but the Falcons are driving in field goal range.

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